Monday, August 25, 2008

Come Unto Me


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Come Unto Me

Come unto me ye who are weary, and I will give thee rest.
Call unto me in thy weakness, and I will give thee strength.
Then ye shall mount up as the eagles and soar on heights above.
Rest for thy soul and refreshing, thy God will give to thee.

Call unto me ye brokenhearted, and I will heal thy wounds.
Call unto me for thy healing, and I will answer thee.
I am the Lord, Thy God who heals thee, I AM the great I Am.
My love is everlasting, my peace I give to Thee.

Come unto me beloved child, Take my yoke upon thee.
Learn of me, my yoke is easy, and I am meek in heart.
Then ye shall mount up as the eagles, and soar on heights above.
Rest for thy soul and refreshing, Thy God will give to thee.

Text and Music Cathy L. Simpson
© Copyright 1995 by Cathy L. Simpson
"Wordsong Collection"


Denise said...

Very lovely sis.

Peggy (mazmagi) said...

Ohhh Cathy...Such beautiful words of rest and peace! I find strength as I listen and read the verses!

(some of the lines went up when I wanted to go down but I enjoyed singing along even though it's a bit high, I like the melody)

Chicken soup for the weary soul!
Healing for my broken holes...
Rest and strength as He gives me peace,
I've come and I rest in Him!

So very thankful that His yoke is easy, but I happen to be feeling a weight upon my shoulders that I can't quite figure out what or why,
yet these scriptures and your words
lift me as I come to Him! Thanks!

I love that you used my favorite verse from Isaiah! Helps me remember I'm an eagle not a chicken.

Praise God for your gift and songs!
Love, Peace and JOY from above,

From the Heart said...

Beautiful music and words, Cathy.
Rest in Him is just what I needed yesterday.

Connie Arnold said...

That is so lovely, Cathy! The music is peaceful and soothing, and the words are so beautifully comforting. Thank you for sharing the blessing of your song!